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Welcome to glimpses!. With our minimalistic design, glimpses focuses on paving a simple journaling path for our users. In this guide we give an overview of how to get started with glimpses.

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Getting started with glimpses


Below are the requirements to get started with glimpses.

  • A Dropbox account
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Once you have these at hand, you are all set to go!!.

Download & Installation

glimpses can be downloaded when payment is made through our website, after which you will be receiving an e-mail with a link to download glimpses.

Once you have the glimpses-setup.exe file, you can double click to install it. glimpses-setup.exe silently installs glimpses and will launch the app automatically.

Log in

When glimpses is launched, you should see a welcome screen like below. glimpses welcome screen

Click on “Log in with Dropbox” button. Then you will be prompted with the login screen as shown below.

glimpses login screen

Enter Dropbox username and password. Click the “Sign in” button.

After a successful sign in, you will be presented with a screen to authorize glimpses access to its own folder “Apps/glimpses” in your Dropbox account.

screen to authorize glimpses

Please be noted that we do not store your password anywhere in the application or in glimpses servers. We use Dropbox OAuth 2 open specification for authentication and authorization.
Please refer here for more details.

Please help us to improve this docs.

If you think this documentation can be improved, feel free to discuss it in the issues. Please fork our GitHub repository here and open pull request with improvements.