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Keep memories alive

Welcome to glimpses!. With our minimalistic design, glimpses focuses on paving a simple journaling path for our users. In this guide we give an overview of how to get started with glimpses.

Table of contents

  1. Keep memories alive
    1. Getting started with glimpses
      1. Pre-requisites
      2. Download & Installation
      3. Log in
    2. Create a new journal entry
    3. Add Image
    4. Favorites
    5. Markdown
    6. PDF Export
    7. Publish
    8. Delete entry
    9. Add tags to entries

Getting started with glimpses


Below are the requirements to get started with glimpses.

Download & Installation

glimpses can be downloaded when payment is made through our website, after which you will be receiving an e-mail with a link to download glimpses.

Once you have the glimpses-setup.exe file, you can double click to install it. glimpses-setup.exe silently installs glimpses and will launch the app automatically.

Log in

When glimpses is launched, you should see a welcome screen like below. glimpses welcome screen

Click on “Log in with Dropbox” button. Then you will be prompted with the screen as shown below.

glimpses login screen

Please press the Open Dropbox Authorize page button. Now app redirects you to the Dropbox authorize webpage.

After a successful sign in, you will be presented with a screen to authorize glimpses to access to its own folder “Apps/glimpses” in your Dropbox account.

screen to authorize glimpses

And once you authorize glimpses app, then a new page with authorization code (for a reusable token) will be shown.

webpage with glimpses authorization code

You need to copy this authorization/verification code and paste it on glimpses window (step2). Upon pasting “Complete Authorization” button will be enabled.

step to complete authorization

Please be noted that we do not store your password anywhere in the application or in glimpses servers. We use Dropbox OAuth 2 open specification for authentication and authorization.
Please refer here for more details.

Create a new journal entry

To create a new journal entry, click the ”+” button on the menu bar or use key-board shortcut of Cntrl + N.

glimpses add entry button

Then glimpses sets a distraction-free mode. It hides all sidebar controls and lets you focus on the writing.

glimpses distraction free mode

You can toggle the distraction-free mode by clicking on it again, which gives you acess to the side-bar.

Add Image

Your entries can be made more memorable by adding an image to it. By clicking on the camera icon visible at the menu bar, you can choose your desired image from anywhere in your system.

glimpses add image button

The image you have chosen can also be changed by either delete & add or just by adding on top of it.


Do you feel your journal entry for the day is special? Click on the star icon from the menu bar, and your entry will be added to the favorites list.

glimpses mark favorite button

The star icon on the sidebar lists all your favorited entries.


glimpses comes with a support of ` common-mark ` compliant extensible markdown processor. The markdown button on menu bar is to preview you markdown entry, which on publishing will generate a private link, directing to an enriched HTML webpage.

glimpses markdown preview button

PDF Export

To export your journal entry to a pdf format, click on this icon.

glimpses pdf export button

Your entries can be saved to your system this way.


Your journal entries can be published by clicking on the icon shown below.

glimpses publish entry button

Once you click the button, a shareable link is created. Your default browser with this link is opened. Link generated is completely private and is not saved anywhere on glimpses server. Copying this url helps you share your journal entry.

This link is also uploaded to your Dropbox-links folder. If you no longer want the link to persist, you can simply delete the link file from Dropbox-links folder.

Delete entry

Your journal entry can be deleted by clicking on the trash icon at the menu bar. The recycle bin icon on the sidebar gives access to all your deleted entries, which can either be restored or permanently deleted from glimpses.

glimpses delete entry button

Add tags to entries

Tagging journal entries helps organize your entries based on any common theme. An entry can have multiple tags.
Tags are added at the top of the editor, right below the menu bar as shown below.

glimpses tags

Tagged entries can be retrieved just by clicking on the tag icon at the side bar, where all your collective tags can be viewed.

Please help us to improve this docs.

If you think this documentation can be improved, feel free to discuss it in the issues. Please fork our GitHub repository here and open pull request with improvements.